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We produce Antibiotics Free Seed,Beach Hatchery is extensively using probiotic products like microbial water conditioner and feeds for specific health boost for enhanced stress and disease resistance in hatchery production.

Effluent Treatment System (ETS)established in all our group of hatcheries foremost important facility in our operation to mitigate an adverse effect in coastal waters and essential to maintain CAA prescribed standards in water before discharge.

Disease monitoring being undertaken through regular sampling representative tissue or haemolymph of running stocks collected from maturation tanks, larval tanks, post larval tanks and fresh live feeds etc. were comprising all different batches taken for 2 step nested PCR testing for WSSV, IHHNV, TSV, YHV & GAV, and IMNV during regular intervals.

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Soon to be in the City of Pearls

Beach Hatchery plans to involve actively in shrimp growout operation in Andhra Pradesh, Proper monitoring regular surveillance of farm ponds for appearance. Sea water System the pre filtered sea water pumped directly from manually erected bore well in the intertidal zonein the sea bed, gravitationally passes through the specialized sand filter setup which screen out particulate organic matter then chlorinated before distribution to culture tanks of different sections of hatchery operation.

Strains from National Centres

Live feed section Auxenic strains of marine diatoms such as Chaetoceroscalcitrans, Thallasiosiraweissflogii and Skeletonemamarinoi were obtained from National Centre for Marine Algae and Microbiota, (formerly the CCMP) Maine, USA , Purified and isolated algal strains for maintaining starter cultures were obtained from Research centre of Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI, ICAR),Chennai/ Kochi, India.

Nauplii production protocol demonstrates sourcing and accurate selection of spawners which completes mating gives more than 90% fertility producing the best quality nauplii . These nauplii stock used to stock at consortium hatchery partners and also supplied to any needy approved operator.

Post larvae We will adapt similar production strategy and quality criteria in nursery section in all hatcheries. Our hatchery produced products ensuring high survival and yielding hi-quality postlarvae for fast growth in ponds.

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